Careers as a Home Inspection Pro: Pest and Termite Inspections

Aprilr 15, 2011

If you are looking for a career as a home inspector – or you are already a licensed home inspection professional who wants to expand your repertoire of marketable skills to take advantage of more profitable opportunities – then you may want to seriously consider becoming a trained pest inspection expert. There are plenty of business opportunities out there and you’ll be doing yourself a great favor in terms of your career and earning potential while you’re also doing people in your community a huge and valuable service. Wood and pest infestation costs people tens of thousands of dollars a year and critters can also inflict damage not just to property but also to the health and well being of residents – including children.

Nobody likes a home invasion of sugar ants, carpenter ants, wood-boring bees, termites, mice, fleas, or determined moles that tunnel around and undo thousands of dollars worth of gorgeous landscaping work. But it happens, and that’s when those do-it-yourself pest control homeowners pull out the stops to try to bring things back under control. Talk to most of these residents, however, or to their contractors and you’ll soon find out that most home remedies generate less than professional results. To really get to the root of the problem and treat it in a sustainable way it is important that homeowners avail themselves of the expertise of professionals.

Pay a visit to your local home improvement store this time of year and the folks working at the cash register will tell you that springtime is a brisk season for pest control products, gadgets, and solutions. After a long, cold winter that kept many of us indoors where it was warm and dry, springtime gets us out of the house and back into the swing of things. The volume of residential real estate transactions, for example, is historically higher this time of year than during any other season because pretty weather brings buyers out of the woodwork. That same mild weather also brings all sorts of four and six-legged creatures and critters out of the woodwork, too, and those various pests also go house hunting.

But before picking up the phone to hire a contractor who can come to your home and get rid of those pests, it is always wise to first call a certified and licensed home inspector who specializes in pest and termite inspections. Otherwise the homeowner is just setting himself or herself up for paying higher prices. There are plenty of contractors who are not completely scrupulous, and they will find problems whether they exist or not and the unwary and untrained homeowner is at their mercy. It’s just like when someone who knows nothing about cars shows up at a mechanic shop complaining about a funny noise under the hood.

Of course most pest control and treatment professionals want to do right by their customers, and they are not out to gouge, misrepresent, or otherwise take advantage of any homeowner. But it still helps to have a clear, concise, and professionally insightful inspection report in order to ensure that problem areas are identified and appropriately addressed. This is not only a tremendous help to the homeowner but it also makes life a lot easier for the professional contractor who can glance at a well-formatted inspection report and immediately get a crystal clear picture of the nature of the problem and what the homeowner or customer wants done about it. A good report facilitates better communication, in other words, while it also minimizes misunderstandings and disagreement over procedures or invoices.

So if you want to help homeowners keep themselves and their families and children safe from the diseases, bites, and other seriously harmful effects of having pests present in the home or on the property, branch out into this high-demand area of home inspections.

Every time a house sells there is also a need for not just the buyer-ordered type of structural and mechanical inspection but also a mortgage company required “termite certificate” or clean bill of health regarding wood infestation and other pests. Each of those is yet another chance for the inspector with the right skills and qualifications to earn more money and acquire more long-term clients while strengthening his or her professional brand and image.

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