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Pro-Sight Property Inspections Home Inspector Network offers the Best Home Inspection Business Opportunity. You don't have to decide between going it alone, or purchasing an expensive home inspection franchise territory.

Be in the home inspection business for yourself, but not by yourself. Pro-Sight Property Inspections will be your inspection company mentor. Let Pro-Sight supply you with guidance, and all the marketing "tools" you need for your business. Having the proper "tools", direction, and knowledge will help ensure your inspection business is a success and not another statistical business failure.

Pro-Sight can assist you with the key marketing strategies/techniques for your home inspection business, and supply you with direction and marketing materials as well. Building your business will not be entirely up to your own efforts.

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Inspector Members in the US and Canada


Pro-Sight Property Inspections is not a home inspection school, however if you are new to the business we can provide members with sources to be educated / trained. There are many schools that provide good technical instruction. Many states also require that you do parallel inspections with a state licensed/certified inspector as well.

Pro-Sight Property Inspections will provide you the many benefits of a franchise, but at a fraction of the cost.

Home Inspection Business Options

Going it Alone

The truth is, that if you go into the home inspection business by yourself, there is a high probability of failure.

We estimate that 70% of independent inspectors will fail in their first year or so, and about 20% will quit during the second year. Likely 1 in 15 will remain in business after three years. The two biggest reasons are under capitalization and lack of effective marketing.

Buying A Territory With A Franchise

There is a much greater success rate with buying a franchise. However it is very expensive, the cost is $25,000.00 to over $50,000.00, plus the ongoing percent of sales paid to the franchise. Can you afford this? A 10 year commitment is the norm as well, and there is still no guarantee for your success. You will still need to fully implement the marketing plan provided to you by the franchise.

Pro-Sight Property Inspections Membership

Pro-Sight Membership is the viable option between going into business all alone, and the very expensive up front franchise route. We are a great option for the seasoned inspector as well. Please contact us for more information.

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"When I decided to start my home inspection business I searched the web for both franchise and business opportunities.

I found that the franchise method was both costly and a burden on my independence, they have a set structure that does not allow flexibility. When I found ProSight on the web I contacted them to get information about the member program and found them to be both professional and very helpful.

The ProSight program provides guidance to get you up and running very quickly, Pro-Sight was also was more reasonable compared to the franchised structure cost. I am very happy with my choice and it has been a pleasure working with the ProSight team."

- Ray Kline

"I am very pleased with my choice of Pro-Sight vs. a franchise or going it on my own. I wanted to be a part of a larger organization, but did not want to pay the huge up front franchise fee's.

I shutter when I think where I might be if I had tried to do everything on my own. Pro-Sight has basically taken me by the hand and showed me how to get started and how to be profitable in my own business. The cost of the web site, the instruction manual, the printed material and especially the support would be prohibitive if I was to try and find it myself. I know I can call any time with a question or concern, and Pro-Sight personal has always taken the time to talk with me."

- Vincent Black

-After being in the business for one year I would like to say thanks for all the support and insight that Pro-Sight provided me in getting my business off the ground. 

 I feel the knowledge and working experience that Pro-Sight provides to its members about the Home Inspection business is most invaluable especially when direction and motivation is needed during those trying times. Thanks for always being so prompt on answering my e-mails and returning my phone calls.

Over the past year I have learned that success does not only come from hard work, but most importantly, marketing. The advice that Pro-Sight provides about marketing is usually right on target. Also, the marketing materials are top quality. I have been complemented many times on the quality of my business cards, brochures and other marketing materials. 

The web-site is also top notched. Having the ability to post and download reports from any computer connected to the Internet is a benefit for any client and realtor. Pro-Sight consistently exposes my services via the World Wide Web; what a great way to market on the Internet…

The reporting software provided is very easy to use, and I know that realtors and clients find the report very easy to read.

Overall the services and materials that you provide are well worth the reasonable start-up fee. I feel the success that I achieved this last year did not only come from my own hard work but is directly related to your outstanding support and commitment you provided to me. 

- Robert M. Anaya

My experience with Pro Sight Property Inspections has been nothing short of incredible !

After carefully researching the options to getting in to the Home Inspection business I could not come up with one viable alternative to Pro-Sight. Going in to this business as an independent has basically very little chance of success, with the high failure rate of independents in every industry. A franchise has a much greater chance of success, but the sad reality is that the costs are so high that it is still difficult to earn a good living.

Pro Sight, has the systems of the franchises but at a much lower cost. So you get the potential success rate of the franchise, but at a cost more comparable to an independent. The independent will pay more to develop a similar program than you can get it through Pro Sight.

I was previously a Realtor, and in that role I worked with a lot of different Home Inspection companies so I had first hand experience with what the competition has to offer as far as presentation, marketing materials and the inspection report. So I know without a doubt that Pro-Sights package is much better than what the competition has to offer. Making the decision to go with Pro Sight an easy one, this is an incredible money making opportunity for you.

- Jean Paul Arseneau - Canada

If you are interested in receiving additional information, please fill out the form on the right side of this page. Your information is not shared with any 3rd party, and no one will call you, unless it is your request.

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